PowerXL™ Selection Aid

Quickly select the drive required for your application plus the associated switchgear, protective elements, chokes and filters

SL7/SL4 Signal Towers Configurator

Quick to combine and easy to order – Assemble your SL7/SL4 signal tower with just a few clicks online.

Motor Starter Combinations

Tested motor-starter combinations: Quick selection - easy ordering


Fast and easy combination of pilot devices suitable for your application.

Characteristics Program

Characteristics program for short-circuit and overload protection devices – CurveSelect

Selectivity, Back Up Protection and Coordination Guide

Coordination tables of low voltage protective devices

Sample Programs for easyFamily

Examples of function blocks and applications, fundamentals of programming.

Download Center - Documentation

Manuals, installation leaflets, technical publications, engineering aids and more

xPole Label Soft

Quick and easy labeling of xPole and xEffect miniature circuit breakers

Energy Savings Estimator

The Energy Savings Estimator calculates the estimated energy requirement.

Dimensioning software xSpider version 3

The xSpider software system is a graphically oriented design system for dimensioning of low-voltage networks fitted with Eaton brand circuit protection equipment.

UPS Selector

Use this UPS selector to find the most suitable UPS for your equipment.

xEnergy Configurator

xEnergy Main, xEnergy Light, xEnergy Safety, xEnergy Basic, MCCBs, ACBs

TC Tool

Calculation of results Ina<1600A Calculating the temperaturerise within the switchgear and controlgear assembly.